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Can I wear my own socks?
No. Regular socks are a hazard. They are too slippery on the trampoline surface, and wearing nothing at all is unsanitary. The designated jumping socks enhance the jumping experience and make for a much safer fun time.
Do I need to make a reservation or purchase my tickets ahead of time?
Reservations are not required, but it is best to plan ahead to ensure you get the jump time you prefer. Weekends and holidays are very busy and can sell out well in advance. Tickets can be purchased online. For larger groups, call in advance to reserve jump time.
Can I bring my own food?
Just Jump does not allow outside food and beverages. Our snack bar has a variety of snacks and drinks that will be satisfactory to all guests. For parties and large events, we work with local food vendors to ensure quality catering. For birthday parties and other celebrations, outside cakes and cookies are allowed to make the party unique and special for the guest of honor.
Is there an age limit?
No. Just Jump is designed for the youngest to the most mature jumper. We have a Kiddie Jump area for the smallest of guests, designed specifically for their safety and entertainment and the peace of mind of their caregiver. We recommend that you stretch before jumping, and only do tricks that are well within your physical limitations and capabilities.
Do I have to sign a waiver every time I come in to jump?
No. Your signed waiver will be on file for one (1) year from the date of your first visit. We prefer you take the time to read and sign the waiver online prior to visiting Just Jump. A waiver station is onsite, but it is important to arrive earlier than your jump time to ensure there is adequate time to do this without interrupting your jump time. Assistance is available for anyone who needs help with the use of the computer system.
Can anyone 18 or older sign my waiver if I’m not of age?
Only your parents or a legal guardian are permitted to sign a waiver on your behalf.
Do you offer discounts?
Discounts are available for groups and special events. Check our website regularly for more information or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for real-time updates.
Does it matter what I wear to jump?
We recommend that you wear athletic clothes, as you will be jumping and moving around a lot. Clothing items with protruding objects, such as decorative buttons on jeans, are not permitted. They may cause damage to the trampolines. It is important to empty pockets of all items, especially keys and cell phones, and remove all loose jewelry. It is best to leave these items at home or in your car to ensure they are not lost.
Do I have to pay if I am not jumping?
Charges are only applied to those using the park amenities. We offer a comfortable mezzanine viewing for those not jumping to enjoy our big screen TVs or to watch over those they brought to the park.
Is there a weight limit to jump?
Due to the construction of the trampolines and safety concerns, the maximum weight for jumpers is 275-300 pounds.
How much does it cost to jump?
Prices vary depending on the length of time you want to jump, the day of the week, special events and the number of people in your party. Visit our pricing page on the web site for details.
Is it dangerous to jump on a trampoline?
There is a risk of injury in anything you do, from waking up in the morning and rolling out of bed, to driving your car to work. Fortunately, the most common injuries at a trampoline park are bruise and burns. Only .02% of injuries in the US are from trampolines. Although the rate is low, it is important to keep in mind that your safety is our main concern. Be careful in everything you do and follow our safety guidelines at all times.

All participants must wear trampoline grip socks.

Forgot yours? No problem! We have them available for only $2.75 per pair if needed.